W5 Hydro Trailer Mobile water supply and disposal on the set

Gesamtgewicht 7,5 T
7,5 T
Führerscheinklasse C1E
Anzahl der Sitzplätze 3
Anzahl Sitzplätze
Fahrzeugart LKW
Feature-Icon Fahrzeugart LKW
Anhängerkupplung bis 3,5 T Anhängelast
3,5 T

Whether it's a remote forest or a nature reserve: not every set has a freshwater connection or a wastewater outlet. This is where our W5 comes in handy. We will set up a functioning water network including wastewater disposal - wherever you want.

For this we will provide you with a trailer which a 1,000-liter freshwater and/or wastewater tank, depending on your requirements. With a powerful pump and different connection options, you can then run the water with Gardena hoses to the consumers.

If you are at a base for a longer period of time, the capacity for freshwater and wastewater can be extended by as many water tanks as you like, so that you don't have to worry about running dry.

And when the shooting is over, we will empty all the wastewater tanks with our Drainsucker and pick up the equipment again.