You‘re shooting a film, we’ll set your set in motion

What is special about mobilespace? What counts for us is what suits you best.

For many years, we have been working with film productions, so we know exactly what is needed on a film set. This is why we design and furnish our vehicles ourselves, and we continuously develop them further according to your needs.

Be it our make-up van or truck, wardrobe or honeywagon: we will rent out exactly the vehicles you need; whether you are shooting a commercial over a few days, have a smaller film project on a weekly basis, or you are shooting a full movie.

You still need more? Feel free to contact us. We can offer you fully equipped production offices or on our own premises in Hamburg and Berlin.

And to make sure that everything runs smoothly, we will provide qualified service staff to, for example, reposition your set vehicles, do on-site electricity testing, or set up the base for your shooting.