The mobilespace services for you

We are more than your vehicle rental. Get the best service around the set with us - so you can devote your full attention to your shooting.

Film service

Transport service - Delivery, pick-up, transfer

You don't have a driver's license? Not enough time? Not enough staff? No problem! We can deliver all vehicles to the set on request and also pick them up again or relocate them when you change the shooting location.

Base & Location Service

Whenever you and your team are stuck due to time constraints, shortage of personnel or lack of expertise, we are there for you. Our team of experienced service drivers and technicians will help you out spontaneously in emergency situations or will be available for regular assignments.  We can help you with

  • Assembly and disassembly of special vehicles - stairs, railings, supports & load securing
  • Laying and rolling in cables
  • Disposal of set waste and provision of waste containers

Vehicle emergency assistance

Whether it's a flat tire, an electronic malfunction, or an accident, we're there for you if the worst comes to the worst.

Our 24-hour hotline:

01579-2336714 (Hamburg)

01579-2324618 (Berlin)

Electrical service

Before you start using a power generator on set, you must have the power supply approved by a qualified electrician and carry out the so-called "grounding test" on the generator. This also applies after every change of location or new installation of the power supply.

We support you if you do not have suitable personnel or time for this. Our experienced and qualified electricians not only have the technical know-how, but also the necessary test equipment and instruments. After successful completion, you will receive all important documents so that you can prove that you have fulfilled your obligations.

If faults are found in the power supply system, we will of course do everything we can to help you. As far as possible, we will carry out small repairs and make sure that you can still meet your schedule.

Fresh and wastewater service

When it comes to filling freshwater tanks and emptying septic or graywater tanks, our expert team is there for you with a large fleet of supply and disposal vehicles. We will take care of the septic tanks of our own honeywagons and lounge vehicles as well as the toilets of other providers. We will also be happy to empty the graywater from make-up, wardrobe, or catering vehicles.

And if you are shooting at remote locations, where there is no hydrant or sewage outlet nearby, we can even set up a complete hydro and sewage disposal system for you.

Automotive workshop and repair service

Our well-equipped truck workshop is not only at your disposal to quickly solve technical problems on our vehicles. We are also happy to repair the so-called "toy vehicles" or help you quickly and easily if the camera truck or the power generator from the rental does not work.

Individual vehicle wrapping

You want lettering on the food truck? You need a police car in a scene?

The delivery truck needs a foil? In our own printing workshop we can plot and cut foil. We will apply everything to the vehicles according to your specifications.

And of course we will remove all the stickers without leaving any residue after the shooting, if desired.

Individual modification and conversion of customized vehicles

If you have very specific ideas for your own vehicles, we will help you to realize them. Together with you, we first find out what exactly you need, then plan the individual modification or conversion and implement everything exactly according to your wishes - in our own workshop and with high-quality components.

Our main area of expertise is vehicles for the film industry. But we also build other special vehicles - for example, as mobile sales or meeting rooms or for your trade fair stall. Whatever you need, we will do everything to make it possible! Just contact us. Together we will find the vehicle for you: for rent or as a new project for purchase.