Garderobenmobil Mietfahrzeug G7 Garderoben-LKW Außenansicht

Bü12 Office Truck Large office truck with up to 10 workstations

Gesamtgewicht 8,5 T
8,5 T
Gesamtgewicht 12 T
12 T
Regalfläche 7 Meter
7 m
Führerscheinklasse C - Lkw über 7,5t Gesamtgewicht
Anzahl der Räume - 2
Anzahl Räume
Anzahl der Sitzplätze 10
Anzahl Sitzplätze
mit Handwaschbecken
Fahrzeugart LKW
Feature-Icon Fahrzeugart LKW
Anhängerkupplung bis 3,5 T Anhängelast
3,5 T
Für 10 Personen geeignet
Anzahl Sitzplätze

Our BÜ12 is ideal if you need an office for a larger team. Up to 10 workstations can easily be set up in our open office. Thanks to the generous room height and the spacious interior, you can also work in a relaxed and productive manner with several people.

A small work area, which can be partitioned off with a curtain, has a window and is equipped with two small drawers, power sockets and USB ports. Lockable compartments are available to store personal valuables. The large work area with side and rear entrances can easily be divided with the help of a curtain. You will find power sockets at all workstations, and your office equipment fits easily into the large shelving unit and storage compartments. A printer of your choice can also be installed in the vehicle. Our technicians will be happy to do this for you.

The lighting offers a bright and friendly working atmosphere and, like the auxiliary heater, works independently for several hours thanks to a powerful battery. This is handy when the generator is not yet on site so that the team can still start in the morning in a well-tempered working environment.

There is a sink with hot water in the front part of the vehicle, so you can easily set up a small kitchenette.

You won't get cold feet in this vehicle. The underfloor heating provides pleasant heat in winter - and will make sure that damp floors will not become slippery, but dry soon. And in summer, when it should get really hot, thanks to the air conditioning you won't have to worry about sweating.

Technical info


  • Truck with box body
  • Driver and passenger seats
  • Curb weight varies depending on equipment, please contact us for details
  • max 12 tons permissible total weight
  • Driving license class C/CE
  • Length 10.25 m / width 2.55 m / height 3.80 m (vehicle dimensions may vary depending on model)


  • Air-conditioned workspace with up to 10 office workstations (alternatively 9 + stationary printer)
  • Length 8.00 m / width 2.40 m / height 2.45 m (dimensions may vary depending on the model)
  • Single entrance doors on the side and rear
  • Conversion to 2 separate rooms is possible with the help of a curtain


  • Power connection 32A CEE 400V three-phase
  • Electrical power of permanently installed devices in the vehicle: 2900W maximum, depending on usage
  • 6 hours of autonomous operation of lighting and auxiliary heating
  • Valid DGUV3 electrical test certificate (according to German DIN regulations VDE 0100-600 & 0701-0702)


  • Rear view camera
  • Car radio


  • Stairs and railings for safe entry and exit

Inner space

  • Up to 10 office workstations
  • Enough sockets at each workstation
  • Shelf with storage compartments for equipment
  • Windows and skylights for ventilation and daylight I
  • nterior design timeless, modern and discreet
  • Two lockable compartments for private items
  • Hooks for hanging wardrobe
  • Magnetic board


  • Modern and energy-saving LED lighting
  • Bright outdoor lighting

Air conditioning

  • Effective energy-saving auxiliary heater
  • Underfloor heating for cozy warmth
  • Powerful air conditioning


  • Bluetooth radio


  • 20m connection cable 32A CEE blue 400V
  • Adapter connection cable 32A CEE red 400V to 16A CEE blue 230V
  • Office chairs at every workplace
Product advantage


  • Maxi open-plan office on wheels, an entire department can be accommodated in one vehicle
  • The width of 2.40 m in the interior ensures sufficient room to move, even when workstations are opposite each other
  • The auxiliary heating and lighting work independently, even if the vehicle is not currently powered by a mains supply. This means low power consumption compared to other vehicles of this size
  • Compartment that can be separated by a curtain - possibility of a shielded space in the open-plan office
  • The underfloor heating ensures comfortable warmth in winter and the floor dries quickly in slush and rain.
  • In summer, all team members can keep their heads cool due to our air conditioning