Generatormobil, Set-Sprinter, Transporter mit eingebauten Stromerzeuger, supersilent Stromerzeuger, Selbstfahrer Generator
Generatormobil, Set-Sprinter, Transporter mit eingebauten Stromerzeuger, supersilent Stromerzeuger, Selbstfahrer Generator

S1 Generator Van Small, light, and compact - with 23 kVA and without soot particle filter

Lautstärke 53 DBA
53 DBA
Stromerzeuger 23 KVA
23 KVA
Gesamtgewicht 3,5 T
3,5 T
Regalfläche 7 Meter
7 m
Führerscheinklasse B - PKW Führerschein
Anzahl der Sitzplätze 2
Anzahl Sitzplätze
mit Rußpartikelfilter (DPF)
Fahrzeugart Sprinter
Feature-Icon Fahrzeugart SPRINTER
Anhängerkupplung bis 2 T Anhängelast
2 T
Laderaumvolumen 10 m³ Modell S1
10 m³

Our 23 kVA power generator is a good solution especially for the small film base.

As a 3.5-tonner, the S1 comes with a big advantage: You can drive it with a European category B driving license. In addition, the S1 is a "super-silent" model, making it perfect for filming in residential areas. The generator is installed directly behind the driver's cab and shielded from the cargo area by a partition wall. The cargo area offers enough space for set equipment such as ale-bench sets, tents, pylons or director's chairs. But please note that the payload is only 200 to 300 kilos.

Technical info
  • Mercedes Sprinter with box-body
  • max total weight 3,5t, drivers license B
  • generator care via drivers cabin
  • generator use via rear door
  • 1x Ignition keys, 3x generator door keys
  • Car Radio w/ USB, AUX, MP3 & CD
  • Rear View Camera
  • 220V Lighting and plug-sockets
  • 23 kVA Diesel generator incl 32A 350V outside Plug
  • Cargo room is long enough for foldable benches and tables 



  • Current Distributor with 1x 16 A 360 V, 1x 32 A 360 V, 3x 220 V Schuko (optional)
  • 20 L extra Diesel
  • ground stake and big hammer 
  • 5L oil canister (full) incl. nozzle


Length: 6,18 m / Width: 2,05 m/ Hight: 3,20 m

Cabin Dimensions

Length: 2,2 m / Width: 1,95 m/ Hight: 2,0 m

  • 23 KVA supersilent Diesel generator
  • Noiselevel 59 db(A) in 7m
  • 45 L tanks for Generator
  • seperate fuel indicator
  • seperate filling indicator
  • refuelling directly at gas station possible 
  • one tank filling lasts at least 24hrs in full-use
  • shelve system
  • 220V lights inside and outside
  • 8hrs usage free/ per day
Rental info

Rental Info - Short Version

Please note our current terms & conditions - all prices net + 19% VAT!

  • All vehicles are self-insured. The deductible per damage is 1500,- €.
  • Minimizing the deductible to 400,- € is possible - please ask us for the applicable conditions
  • Delivery and Pick-Up during office hours: Monday to Friday; 9 A.M. - 6 P.M.
  • All services outside normal working hours: 69,- €/ per service.
  • All rental prices based on pick-up/ delivery in Hamburg or Berlin.
  • Other locations are priced extra.
  • Service Charge for not fully refuelled Mobiles is 25,- € plus gas.
  • Service Charge for forwarding Tickets is 15,- €/ Ticket
  • Service Charge for Cleaning, instruction and usables is 100,- €
  • Service of our Technicians is 35,- €
  • Free mileage per rental day: 500km (staggered).
  • Additional mileage: 0,22,-€/ km.
  • The reservation of vehicles is final, when we have received the signed offer.
  • The cancellation of the rental agreement may involve a cancellation fee according to our current terms & conditions.
  • Short-term rental (1-4 days) and new customers: pick-up against prepayment, cash or debit card

Bedienung Set-Sprinter Typ T1

Stromerzeuger, Generator

Der fest in den vorderen Teil des Transporters installierte Stromerzeuger hat eine Leistung von 23 KVA.

Der Strom kommt direkt aus einem flexiblen Kabel mit einer 32A 360V Steckdose (rot). An dieses Kabel kann jeder beliebige Stromverteiler angeschlossen werden. Wenn gewünscht geben wir gerne einen mit. Der Stromverteiler von uns hat folgende Steckdosen. 1x 32 rot 1x 16 rot 3x 220V Schuko (blau). 

Die Bedienung des Generators ist eigentlich recht einfach, es ist aber auf folgende Dinge besonders acht zu geben: