DoKa Aufenthaltsanhänger, Castaufenthalt

Mix8 Doka trailer Everything in two: Make-up, wardrobe, sofa, and restroom

Gesamtgewicht 3,5 T
3,5 T
Führerscheinklasse BE - Anhängerführerschein
bis zu 6 m Garderobenstange
Garderobenstange meter
max. 6 m
Anzahl der Räume - 2
Anzahl Räume
Anzahl der Sitzplätze 6
Anzahl Sitzplätze
mit Handwaschbecken
mit Dusche
Fahrzeugart Anhänger
Anzahl Toiletten - 2
Anzahl Toiletten
2 Maskenplätze
Anzahl Maskenplätze

Our trailer Mix8 has two separate rooms, each with its own bathroom with shower, toilet, and sink. In one of the rooms we have installed an additional make-up mirror, so that you can style models and artistes here.

There are enough wardrobe rods to hang up your clothes.

In both rooms, there is also a sofa for up to two people and a small workplace.

Our tip: The Mix 8 is perfect for using a cabin as your own sanitary unit or for providing separate rooms for team and clients.

Thanks to air conditioning, underfloor and auxiliary heating with fan, you no longer have to worry about the weather with this mobile. The auxiliary heating works for several hours without an external power supply, as do the basic lighting and the USB sockets.

But for a safe operation of the vehicle we always recommend you rent a small generator like the H1 or an additional battery.

If you don't have the time, the necessary resources, or simply don't want to drive the vehicle yourself, we will deliver it and pick it up again at the end of the shooting. If you have different locations, we are happy to provide you with our experienced drivers for the entire shooting period.