Garderobenmobil Mietfahrzeug G6 Garderoben-Anhänger Außenansicht

Mix10 trailer Multifunctional working environment for small teams

Gesamtgewicht 3,5 T
3,5 T
Regalfläche 14 Meter
14 m
Führerscheinklasse BE - Anhängerführerschein
bis zu 32 m Garderobenstange
Garderobenstange meter
max. 32 m
Anzahl der Räume - 2
Anzahl Räume
Anzahl der Sitzplätze 9
Anzahl Sitzplätze
Fahrzeugart Anhänger
9 Maskenplätze
Anzahl Maskenplätze

The MIX10 has slightly smaller external dimensions compared to the MIX2 and can therefore be towed with most large mask and wardrobe trucks.

Two make-up places for the mask, many meters of poles as a wardrobe and a small seating area for easy rest make this trailer the ultimate space all-rounder: ideal for smaller teams who want to accommodate different areas of responsibility in just one mobile!

Thanks to the side and rear doors, you can also separate the Mix10 into different work areas - but without a permanently installed sliding door. A simple curtain that can be attached quickly is the practical solution here.

In order to offer you a cheap alternative to our other Mixmobiles, we have dispensed with a diesel auxiliary heater and a self-sufficient power supply, but as usual there is a powerful air conditioning system and underfloor heating on board for the winter.

Technical info


  • Tandem axle trailer with car coupling
  • Curb weight varies depending on equipment, please contact us for details
  • 3.5t permissible total weight
  • Driving license class BE
  • Length 7.90 m / width 2.50 m / height 3.45 m

Inner space

  • Air-conditioned room with individual furnishings as a cloakroom, mask, lounge or office compartment
  • Length 6.60 m / width 2.40 m / height 2.30 m (dimensions may vary depending on the model)
  • Entrances with double doors on the side and rear
  • Conversion to 2 rooms separated by curtains possible


  • Power connection 16A CEE 400V three-phase
  • Electrical power fixed consumers up to 2700W (maximum), depending on usage
  • Valid DGUV3 electrical tests according to DIN VDE 0100-600 & 0701-0702


  • Non-slip stairs for safe entry and exit
  • Door window
  • Vehicle supports to stabilize the vehicle

Inner space

  • Lots of hooks and up to 32m of rod for hanging the coat rack
  • Up to 9 foldable office or mask workstations possible
  • Storage compartments that fold down on both sides along the entire length of the vehicle
  • 230V – sockets
  • Wall flap as access for network cables, for example
  • Windows and roof hatches for daylight in the mobile
  • Large full length mirror
  • Changing room in the rear or at the side entrance (can be separated by curtains)
  • Magnetic board


  • Modern and energy-saving LED lighting
  • Bright outdoor lighting

Air conditioning

  • Underfloor heating for cozy warmth
  • Additionally two oil radiators
  • Powerful air conditioning

Water system

  • optionally with washing machine (direct connection without tank) and dryer


  • Bluetooth-radio
  • USB charging socket for laptop, smartphone or tablet


  • 20 m connection cable 16A CEE red 400V
  • Adapter connection cable 16A CEE red 400V to 16A CEE blue 230V
  • Crank for vehicle supports
  • small pump stool



Product advantage
  • Equipment as a mask, office, cloakroom, and stay possible
  • Nine foldable tables – decide for yourself how many workstations you need
  • Foldable storage compartments – storage space or space for the wardrobe
  • Height-adjustable wardrobe rails – ideal for optimal use of space and accessibility
  • Compartments that can be separated by curtains – multiple uses in one vehicle
  • The underfloor heating ensures comfortable warmth and the floor dries quickly in slush and rain
  • Simple equipment – we can offer you the trailer at a cheaper price
  • Shorter than eight meters – compatible with most of our trucks