Mix3 Trika Van Solar The small big one with 3 cabins

Gesamtgewicht 3,5 T
3,5 T
Führerscheinklasse B - PKW Führerschein
bis zu 12 m Garderobenstange
Garderobenstange meter
max. 12 m
Anzahl der Räume - 3
Anzahl Räume
autark mit Photovoltaikanlage
Feature-Icon Photovoltaik
Fahrzeugart Sprinter
Feature-Icon Fahrzeugart SPRINTER
Anhängerkupplung bis 2 T Anhängelast
2 T
Für 6 Personen geeignet
Anzahl Sitzplätze
3 Maskenplätze
Anzahl Maskenplätze
Umweltfreundliches Fahrzeug (grüner drehen)
Ausstattungs-Icon – Grüner Dreh

The MIX3 has slightly larger external dimensions compared to the MIX5. The small but significant difference is that the MIX3 offers three cabins instead of just two. Although these are somewhat smaller, they allow full use as, for example, wardobe, make-up, artiste or office compartments. All rooms have their own entrances and are separated from each other by a soundproof wall.

We will equip the rooms according to your individual needs. Each cabin offers space for 1-2 workstations and is equipped with lights, sockets and USB ports. Each room can be equipped with a large table, make-up mirror, sofa, bed and clothes rails in just a few simple steps.

In this innovative vehicle, passages between the cabins can be created without the use of tools, meaning that the usable space can be flexibly adapted to your needs. For example, a separate room for the make-up department can be combined with an extended artiste space with a wardrobe.

With the MIX3 Solar you are prepared whatever the weather: In winter, the underfloor heating quickly dries the damp floors, and the auxiliary heater with fan ensures pleasant temperatures. And when it gets really hot in summer, you can always keep cool due to the air conditioning.

When it comes to power supply, you can choose between a single-phase connection for basic operation and a three-phase connection if you want to operate larger consumers in the vehicle. Our system switches automatically, plug & play! If there is no power connection or generator nearby - no problem. Both the auxiliary heater, the light and the USB charging sockets work independently of the external power supply for several hours thanks to a powerful battery. And when the sun is shining brightly, no power connection is required at all. The photovoltaic system on the roof automatically charges the battery.

Technical info


  • Mercedes Sprinter with box body
  • Driver and passenger seats
  • 3.5t permissible total weight
  • Driving license class B
  • Length 7.80m / width 2.50m / height 3.50m
  • 2.0t trailer load


  • 3 office work rooms with the same equipment
  • Each length 1.70m / width 2.40m / height 2.20m
  • Separate entrances with single doors
  • A total of 6 possible office workplaces
  • Space for stand printers
  • Can be used as a 1, 2 or 3 room vehicle - partition walls can be removed without tools


  • Power connection 16A CEE 230V blue single-phase or 16A CEE 400V three-phase
  • Electrical power of permanently installed devices in the vehicle: 700 min up to 2400W max, depending on usage
  • Photovoltaics 600Wp and battery storage 2.5kWh
  • 6h to 24h autonomous operation of lighting, auxiliary heating and mobile devices
  • Valid DGUV3 electrical test certificate (according to German DIN regulations VDE 0100-600 & 0701-0702)






  • Air conditioning
  • Rear view camera
  • Car radio


  • Stairs and railings for safe entry and exit
  • Support stands to stabilize the vehicle
  • Practical LED occupancy indicators on the doors


  • Many hooks and racks for hanging your wardrobe
  • Large full-length mirror
  • The many windows provide a bright and friendly atmosphere
  • Timeless, modern and discreet interior design


  • Cozy indirect and energy-saving interior LED lighting
  • Bright outdoor lighting

Air conditioning

  • Effective energy-saving auxiliary heater
  • Underfloor heating in the cabins ensure cozy warm temperatures
  • Powerful air conditioning in each cabin


  • Bluetooth radio
  • USB charging sockets for laptops, smartphones or tablets


  • 20m connection cable 16A CEE blue 230V
  • 20m connection cable 16A CEE red 400V
  • Crank for vehicle support stands