Grünstromerzeuger A01 aussen ecobase
Grünstromerzeuger A01 aussen licht

S7 Ecobaze truck Green powerhouse with 80 kVA output

Akkukappazität 160 KWH
160 KWH
Stromerzeuger 100 KVA
100 KVA
Gesamtgewicht 16,0 T
16,0 T
Führerscheinklasse C - Lkw über 7,5t Gesamtgewicht
mit Lichtmast
mit Rußpartikelfilter (DPF)
Fahrzeugart LKW
Feature-Icon Fahrzeugart LKW
Anhängerkupplung bis 3 T Anhängelast
3 T
Umweltfreundliches Fahrzeug (grüner drehen)
Ausstattungs-Icon – Grüner Dreh

What is the Ecobaze and how does it work?

The Ecobaze is a hybrid power supply system that is designed to replace or supplement conventional diesel generators on film sets. The vehicle consists of a large 160 kWh power storage unit, an 80 kW generator driven by the vehicle engine and a 125 A three-phase connection for fast charging. The combination of the different power sources ensures an uninterrupted power supply on the film set without having to use a generator in continuous operation. If there is no power connection at the location, all power consumers are supplied exclusively via the battery. As soon as a three-phase socket or a charging station is within reach, this can be used in parallel to supply the power consumers and recharge the battery. If the battery is almost empty and there is no possibility of connecting the Ecobaze to the mains, the back-up generator automatically switches on and fully charges the battery in approx. 2 hours. Instead of a diesel generator, which has to run throughout the day to deliver only very limited power in some cases, the Ecobaze's generator only runs when the battery is empty and no power connection is available. This leads to an increase in energy efficiency and reduces generator running times and the associated CO2 emissions.

How much CO2 can the Ecobaze save?

If the battery is charged using green electricity, this saves 95% CO2 emissions compared to the 80 kW diesel generator. When charging with a conventional power source, CO2 emissions are reduced by around 80%. And even if the battery is charged via the generator, CO2 emissions are reduced by around 75% due to the shorter running time of the generator and the increased energy efficiency.

Save money due to lower fuel consumption.

Scenario 1 – Battery is charged via generator

If we were to generate 160 kWh of electricity over a 12-hour shooting day with our conventional 80 kW diesel generator (for example our model S5), it would require approximately 117 liters. The Ecobaze, in contrast, only needs 30 liters to generate the same amount of electricity due to the more efficient use of the generator. This amounts to a fuel saving of 87 liters per shooting day.

Scenario 2 – Battery is charged via a socket

If the battery is charged via a three-phase socket or a charging station, 160 kWh of electricity is required. If we assume an electricity price of 40 cents per kWh, one battery charge costs 64 €. An 80 kW diesel generator requires 117 liters to produce the same amount of electricity (see above).

At a fuel price of 1.8 €/liter, this results in total costs of around 210 €.

If the electricity is charged via a socket, you can expect to save 146 € per day. 

Scenario 3 – Ecobaze as a towing vehicle

The Ecobaze is equipped with a 3.0 ton trailer hitch and can therefore pull a trailer when moving the base. This means that no separate vehicle is required for towing heavy trailers. This saves additional costs for the driver, vehicle and fuel.

How to turn a small power connection into a big one

The Ecobaze can also be used as a "power booster" for small power connections and even charging stations. Once connected, the battery serves as a storage buffer and can thus supply even huge power requirements immediately. The Ecobaze turns a 16A power connection into a 125A power connection, which you can use to operate the entire set. Basic electricity tends to be available everywhere, and the Ecobaze makes sure it suits the larger requirements wherever you need it. An undersized power connection at the parking lot or motif becomes a power connection that is suitable for all consumers.

Why does the Ecobaze provide reliable power?

Everyone on set has experienced it: a power cut! The pulse rises and the heart begins to race. A power cut can often be caused by a brief overload or an uneven phase load (unbalanced load) on the generator. With 80 kW of power at 100% unbalanced load, the Ecobaze can cope with power fluctuations, load peaks and uneven phase distribution with ease. Power cuts are a thing of the past.

Remote monitoring of power consumption, battery status & performance with your cell phone

All data can be read out via the web app so that you are well-informed about the charging status, power consumption or actual performance anytime and anywhere. This means you know all the details and can ensure that the battery is always charged. This function also makes it easier for you to save energy.

Advantages of the Ecobaze at a glance

  • Requirements for "Green Motion" label applications are met.
  • No time-consuming and costly registration of mains connections necessary.
  • Meets all environmental regulations of the authorities.
  • One device that is suitable for all purposes and production formats. Whether small or large projects, road movies, festivals or inner-city filming.
  • Live remote monitoring of all performance data via web application.
  • Switch on, connect, get started! Operation is dead simple.
  • Integration of other power sources on set, parking lot and motif possible. The intelligent control system automatically selects the preferred power source (battery, mains, generator).
  • No power failures due to overload or unbalanced load.
  • Increased efficiency compared to continuous use of generators. Produces only the electricity that is actually used.
  • No noise and harmful emissions in battery and mains operation.
  • Increased efficiency by reducing generator running time by 80% to 100%.
  • Additional CO2 reduction possible through the use of renewable fuels (HVO).
  • Green power supply for base and set.
  • Silent and CO2-free during battery and mains operation for filming in residential areas or at night.
  • Booster connection for motifs or studios - 16A three-phase supply becomes 125A three-phase supply.
  • Ideal for highly fluctuating power requirements on film sets.
  • By integrating a mobile photovoltaic system, green electricity is also possible in remote locations.
  • Suitable as a towing vehicle for artiste or wardrobe trailers.
  • Illumination of base and motif with powerful light mast.
Technical info

Technical advantages at a glance

  • Whether 1kW or 160 kW - the correct output for every job
  • Automatic start of 80 kW back-up generator (Euro 6) when the battery is low.
  • Battery can be charged to 100% in 2 hours
  • Simultaneous charging and power consumption
  • Photovoltaic systems can be integrated
  • Flexible charging options at all three-phase sockets and charging stations (CEE / Type 2)
  • Uninterrupted and flexible use of a wide range of power sources (UPS)
  • Safe, robust and long-lasting lithium iron phosphate batteries (LFP)
  • Redundant automatic deletion system for increased battery safety

Battery storage & charging:

  • 160 kWh battery net capacity (lithium iron phosphate batteries)
  • Charging connections 125A Powerlock with adapter to: 125 A CEE, 63A CEE, 32A CEE, 16A CEE, TYPE 2 (charging column connection)
  • Charging time 125 CEE or via generator = approx. 2 hours
  • Charging time 64A CEE = approx. 3.5 hours
  • Charging time 32A CEE = approx. 7 hours
  • Charging time 16A CEE = approx. 13.5 hours
  • Charging at charging stations with type 2 adapter possible but without rapid charging function
  • Charging and simultaneous current consumption at full power is possible

Output & sockets:

  • 80kW peak power (island operation without grid and generator)
  • Output: 3× Schuko, 1× 32A CEE, 1x 63A CEE, 400V, 1x Powerlock 125A

Power generator:

  • 80 kVa output, powered by the truck's vehicle engine
  • Noise level: Not suitable for continuous operation in residential areas or on night shoots. Suitable for use as a "back-up" generator only.
  • External refueling is possible at any filling station
  • Automatic start and stop of the generator depending on the charge level.
  • Consumption Approx. 25 l diesel per hour

Light mast:

  • A telescopic light mast is installed between the driver's cab and the container body
  • The height and angle can be controlled by remote control.
  • The total height is 6 m
  • Well suited for illuminating the entire base as bright as daylight.


  • Mercedes Actros 1840 (tractor unit)
  • 290kW, diesel, Euro 6 engine generation
  • Automatic air conditioning
  • multimedia system,
  • 18 t gross vehicle weight rating
  • 2 seats (incl. driver)
  • incl. sleeper cab
  • 3.0 t trailer hitch
  • Class C driving license required