Tourbus Mercedes Sprinter , 9 seats, dividing wall between driving, seating and cargo area

Tourbus Mercedes Sprinter , 9 seats, dividing wall between driving, seating and cargo area, Band Van, Hamburg, Berlin
  • Driving Licence B
    Driving Licence B
  • Number of Seats: 9
    Number of Seats: 9
  • A/C
  • TV, HiFi & Entertainment-System
    TV, HiFi & Entertainment-System
  • Our First Class: best Equipment & many extra Accessories
    Our First Class: best Equipment & many extra Accessories


Depending on your needs, this van can be equipped with 3, 6, 8 or up to 9 seats.

The wall dividing the passenger-/cargo area and the drivers cabin can be adjusted according to your needs (further to the front or back or without). 

Usually the cargo area offers enough space for your complete backline.

We can deliver the van right to your door or engage a long term tour driver!


  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter, medium length, drivers license B
  • 150 /160 PS Dieselengine


2 or 3 Seats in the front, depending on your needs, up to 2x 3 seat benches in the back.

(may vary slightly)
Length: 6,18 m / Width: 2,05m / Hight: 3,2 m

Cabin Dimensions
depending on your needed seats but at least:
Length: 1,30m / Width: 1,70 / Hight: 1,90 m




  • 3 to 8 or 9  Seats (3/3/3) or  (2/3/3)
  • CD, DVD, Mp3 Radio System incl Aux in & Monitor
  • A/C
  • Flip TV Monitor
  • tinted windows
  • LED Spots (2 per bench, can be used seperately) 
  • Power inverter 220 V (1 plug socket with100 W)
  • 12 V plug sockets (back& front)
  • powerful audio system incl. subwoofer & many speakers
  • variable dividing wall


Please note our current terms & conditions - all prices net + 19% VAT!

  • All vehicles are self-insured. The deductible per damage is 1500,- €.
  • Minimizing the deductible to 400,- € is possible - please ask us for the applicable conditions
  • Delivery and Pick-Up during office hours: Monday to Friday; 9 A.M. - 6 P.M.
  • All services outside normal working hours: 69,- €/ per service.
  • All rental prices based on pick-up/ delivery in Hamburg or Berlin.
  • Other locations are priced extra.
  • Service Charge for not fully refuelled Mobiles is 25,- € plus gas.
  • Service Charge for forwarding Tickets is 15,- €/ Ticket
  • Service Charge for Cleaning, instruction and usables is 100,- €
  • Service of our Technicians is 35,- €
  • Free mileage per rental day: 500km (staggered).
  • Additional mileage: 0,22,-€/ km.
  • The reservation of vehicles is final, when we have received the signed offer.
  • The cancellation of the rental agreement may involve a cancellation fee according to our current terms & conditions.
  • Short-term rental (1-4 days) and new customers: pick-up against prepayment, cash or debit card.