Camera-, Equipment-, Props-Sprinter

Camera-, Equipment-, Props-Sprinter
  • Driving Licence B
    Driving Licence B
  • Number of Seats: 2
    Number of Seats: 2
  • Extra Large Storage Space (XXL)
    Extra Large Storage Space (XXL)
  • Vehicle Size XL
    Vehicle Size XL
  • including Racking-System
    including Racking-System
  • 12V Lighting
    12V Lighting


The props- and camera-sprinter is perfectly suited for the transport of any Setequipment imaginable.
Many large, very robust and stable shelves on both lenght-sides of the box-body can be folded in- or out whenever you need to.
The side-doors as well as a two winged rear door are the same ones as known of normal sprinters.
Rooftop windows, electrical lights, plug-ins and much space offer further usabilities.


  • Mercedes Sprinter with box-body
  • max total weight 3,5t, drivers license B
  • 2 foldabele passenger seats
  • Car Radio w/ USB, AUX, MP3 & CD
  • Rear View Camera
  • 220V Lighting and plug-sockets
  • 12V emergency light

Length: 6,80 m / Width: 2,20 m/ Hight: 2,80 m

Box Body / Cargo Dimensions
Length: 4,20 m / Width: 2,10 m/ Hight: 2,0 m



  • Foldable Shelve-System
  • 2 rooftop windows
  • door between drivers cabin and cargo hold
  • electrical heater
  • 220V electrical supply
  • 220V lights inside
  • cargo closet for 12 big boxes
  • lots of loading space


Rental Info - Short Version

  • Please note our current terms & conditions - all prices net + 19% VAT!
  • All vehicles are self-insured. The deductible per damage is 1500,- €.
  • Minimizing the deductible to 400,- € is possible - please ask us for the applicable conditions
  • Delivery and Pick-Up during office hours: Monday to Friday; 9 A.M. - 6 P.M.
  • All services outside normal working hours: 69,- €/ per service.
  • All rental prices based on pick-up/ delivery in Hamburg or Berlin.
  • Other locations are priced extra.
  • Service Charge for not fully refuelled Mobiles is 25,- € plus gas.
  • Service Charge for forwarding Tickets is 15,- €/ Ticket
  • Service Charge for Cleaning, instruction and usables is 100,- €
  • Service of our Technicians is 35,- €
  • Free mileage per rental day: 500km (staggered).
  • Additional mileage: 0,22,-€/ km.
  • The reservation of vehicles is final, when we have received the signed offer.
  • The cancellation of the rental agreement may involve a cancellation fee according to our current terms & conditions.
  • Short-term rental (1-4 days) and new customers: pick-up against prepayment, cash or debit card.